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60 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY, 11231
United States

(718) 855-7600

Beam Center, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit organization, powers youth development and hands-on learning with creation, collaboration and educator professional development. Our programs and curricula in technology, imagination and craft connect with formal academic objectives and support student pathways to career and higher education.

Afterschool & Day Camps


Inventgenuity is a place to try new things, make things with your hands, and collaborate.

In all Inventgenuity programs, our faculty of artists, engineers, and craftspeople share their own practice with kids, from woodworking and electronics to moviemaking, digital media, and handcraft. It's a community of learning, doing, and making that is inclusive to young people of all abilities and economic backgrounds.

Workshops and day programs are for kids in grades 2-6; the Inventgenuity Festival is for all ages.