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60 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY, 11231
United States

(347) 470-6747

Beam Center is a Brooklyn-based community of learning where artists guide young creators aged 6 to 18. Our hands-on programs in technology, imagination and craft help young people build their character, courage to think for themselves, and capacity for collaboration and invention.

Weekends at Beam Center


Insight Into ______! Free Sunday Workshops for students in grades 7 and up

Where middle and high schoolers can investigate, dive deep, make and learn.

Insight Into _______! workshops meet on Sundays from 1pm - 4pm, at Beam Center, 60 Sackett St in Brooklyn. The workshops are free with advance registration. Students can sign up for one or more at a time, but each workshop has limited capacity, so please only register for workshops your child will definitely be able to attend. 


Sunday, February 1, 1-4pm

Christhian Diaz

How are action figures made? 3D printers are cool, but casting is the original way to make copies of three-dimensional objects. In this workshop, we will learn to create molds using a material called alginate. We’ll use the molds to cast basic objects in plaster. Then we will collaborate on a group casting project. 

Christhian is an artist and teacher living in Brooklyn. He holds a BFA from the Cooper Union.



Sunday, February 8, 1-4pm

Kayla Nussbam

Printing is the ancient art of transferring ink to paper in a reproducible way. In this class we’ll learn a little bit about the huge spread of techniques that we can use to make prints, take a look at a few famous print artists, and then dive into our own printing projects. We’ll explore two main types of printing: relief printing and monoprinting, and create masterpieces that we’ll be able to bring home at the end of the workshop! No drawing experience necessary, just come in clothes that might get inky and with a willingness to create.

Kayla is a bike-riding, thing-making, bread-baking human girl. She loves to be outside and recently moved to New York after a year of traveling around South America on and off of her bicycle. Kayla holds a bachelors degree in geology and environmental studies, and spent more time in her college’s print studio than in the lab. She currently works at the American Museum of Natural History, where you can find her whispering sweet nothings to the apatosaurus from a secret balcony on the fourth floor.


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Sundays, February 15 & 22, 1-4pm

Zena Verda Pesta

They go by many names: Harem pants, Hammer pants, Drop Crotch Pants. In this two-week workshop each participant will learn how to use a pattern to create a pair of elastic waist pants which sag every so slightly and taper at the ankle. Basic hand sewing and machine sewing skills will be utilized. We will talk about the fashion and function of this particular garment in different times periods and cultures.  Zena will provide a variety of patterned textiles to choose from, so the pants will be guaranteed funky. Participants will leave the workshop with a pair of Funky pants and the knowledge to create more pairs on their own.

Zena is an artist/designer, facilitator and lifelong learner! She is a recent graduate of an MFA in Design at SVA's Products of Design Department and is focused on the involvement of play and creativity as an attribute of robust communities. Her past life included 10 years as a mad scientist, making in ceramics, teaching chemistry and other ceramics courses at the Pratt Institute.