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47 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

(347) 470-6747

Beam Center is a Brooklyn-based community of learning where artists guide young creators aged 6 to 18. Our hands-on programs in technology, imagination and craft help young people build their character, courage to think for themselves, and capacity for collaboration and invention.

Weekends at Beam Center


Insight Into ______! Free Sunday Workshops for students in grades 7 and up

We asked a group of artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers and engineers what ideas they were obsessed with right now. What they told us - animating humans, building ping pong mazes, forging crystals, and more - got us excited! So we've asked them to design workshops around these ideas where middle and high schoolers can investigate, dive deep, make and learn.

Insight Into _______! workshops meet on Sundays from 1pm - 4pm. The workshops are free with advance registration. Students can sign up for one or more at a time, but each workshop is limited to twenty participants. 

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Sunday, April 6

Insight Into: Camouflage

Hannah Bigeleisen

Come explore fast fabrication techniques while simultaneously learning to disguise their form! This class will explore the various definitions of camouflage and how to invert the traditional understanding and approach to patterned disguise. Be sure to wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty- this class will be a hands on approach to turning a traditional understanding of camouflage into a contemporary, explorative art making process!


Sunday, April 13

Insight Into: Tyvek Bag Design & Construction

Kevin Yoo

In this workshop students will create their own carrying bag of their style from scratch. They will go through the design phase, determining the shape and size of the bag, to patterning the layers onto Tyvek, folding them into 3D shapes with pockets for tools and cleanly putting it all together. The bag will be designed for each creator’s personal style and needs.

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Sunday, April 27

Insight Into: Nerdy Derby Challenge

Tak Cheung

On April 27th, Nerdy Derby will present a challenge to The Beam Center's young makers - build a small car that can idle on the hill the longest before making it to the finish line. We'll provide the race track, materials and will explore basic mechanical engineering to design cars that are up to the challenge.


April 2014: Free Saturday workshops with rapper/printermaker/singer-songwriter Tim Fite for grades 5+!

WindowShop Resident Tim Fite is leading three free Saturday morning workshops this month! With the help of Beam Center Students, Tim will transform Beam Center's WindowShop into a giant cellphone (complete with live feed video capabilities). During the day, the phone-window will provide digital and analog passersby with a view into my studio practice, and at night it will be a proscenium for performance and video.

Saturdays, April 5, 12, & 19, 11:30-3:00pm, for grades 5+!

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Saturday, April 5

Wooden Cell Phone Construction

Optimus-Primers!  Come and help prep and prime multiple pieces of wood that will ultimately be turned into crazy large wooden cell phones.  We will be painting 4 - 6 large masonite panels with white gesso to prep them for decoration.  We also will be painting many small blocks of wood with white gesso, and if they dry fast enough and we have time, we can all make a small wooden phone for the exhibit!!!  Wear painting clothes and shoes, cuz it could get a bit messy!  


Saturday, April 12

Propaganda Jam

Discover the ancient information-technology of book-making.  Learn how to make a book out of a single sheet of paper and help to mass-produce The Phoney Book - a guide to hanging-up by the gentleman with itchy legs!  Also, while we are folding books, you will have a chance to engage in propaganda making by posing for Phoney Propaganda Photos and Recording your voice for a Beam Camp Advertisement!  Dress to impress - nothing too messy about the work we are doing today. 


Sunday, April 19

Window Animation and Performance!

Come participate in a live Window Phone Performance/Animation!  People on the inside of the window phone will react to the commands of a giant touch screen hand out on the side walk. We will take turns being inside and outside the phone.  If possible, wear only one color (for example, I will be wearing all blue).