Kids Making BIG PROJECTS Happen

Beam Camp was founded in 2004 by Brian Cohen and Danny Kahn to provide children with exciting experiences in creative problem-solving through working with their hands and actively collaborating with others. 

Since then, Beam Camp has guided 1000+ campers to cultivate hands-on skills while exploring innovative thinking, design and the creative process. Each session campers and staff build a spectacular large-scale collaborative project chosen through an annual worldwide design competition. Beam Projects have received international media exposure and won major architecture prizes.

Kids Learning the FUNDAMENTALS

 Call it the Beam Core Curriculum. These are the tools and methods of making that we think Beam Campers should get to know and practice. Some will come in handy on the Project and some will be of use in their own Independent Projects. Over the course of the session, each camper will participate in 9 hours of each Fundamentals area.

In the first two weeks of the session, each camper, grouped by age and experience level, will take workshops in these areas.

  • Project & Building: construction, carpentry, metal work, project planning

  • Computing/Electronics: circuitry, physical computing, coding

  • Design/Prototyping: model-making, design thinking, digital fabrication

  • Craft & Materials: textiles, knitting, sewing, ceramics