Q: Does Beam require a health form?
Yes! Please send rebecca@beamcenter.org a copy of your child's most recent physical. Either your doctor's own form, or this standard form

Q: What is the best way to contact Beam Center?
You can reach Summer Day at 347-470-6747 or email rebecca@beamcenter.org; the Beam Center office number is 718-855-7600.

Q: What do kids need to bring with them for Summer Day?
Kids should bring a lunch, and wear clothes that they’re prepared to work in! We have smocks for particularly messy activities, but we don’t recommend wearing irreplaceable items to Summer Day. We provide morning and afternoon snack; morning is fruit, and afternoon is bagged snacks. We have gluten - and dairy-free options for snack, and we don’t serve products with nuts!

Q: Do you offer summer programming for younger kids?
Yes, we offer a day camp for kids ages 7-10. You can find information about that camp here.

Q: Do you offer sibling discounts?
Yes! Siblings qualify for the multi-week discount of $25 per kid per week.

Q: Who teaches at Summer Day?
Beam Center faculty and approved guest artists. Our faculty and guests are adult artists, makers, and doers over the age of 22. Our counselors are 20+ child care specialists, and all of our teenage assistants have over 60 hours of training at Beam Center. 

Q: My kid has food allergies or needs medication during the day. How do you handle medical concerns?
We collect the required medical form for each child who attends Summer Day. If your child requires medication during the day or has a severe allergy, please email rebecca@beamcenter.org so we can make sure our counselors are aware and prepared. 

Q: What should I do if my kid cannot attend?
If your child is sick or cannot attend a day of Summer Day, please email rebecca@beamcenter.org or call 347-470-6747.

Q: I would like to report a Beam Center program as childcare on my taxes.  What is your Tax ID number?

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due with registration; if you withdraw any time before the start of your week of Summer Day, we will refund all but that $250.

Q: Is transportation available to and from camp?
No. But we do offer a free walking service to the Carrol St. F/G Subway Station.

Q: Do you offer an extended day program or late pick up?
Yes! Drop off starting at 8:00am and pick up until 5:30pm is included in the cost of camp.

Q: Do you spend any time outside at Beam Team Summer Day?
Yes! We spend an hour outside in the schoolyard for lunch. Sometimes Flux periods will take place outside, and groups can test their prototypes in the yard.

Q: How big is Beam Team Summer Day?
There are about 15 participants each week.

Q: What is the group size?
Beam Teamers will break up into groups based on their interests and project proposals. This means a group can be anywhere from 2-4 kids. Any questions regarding groups can be sent to rebecca@beamcenter.org

Q: What is a typical day at Summer Day?
Every day of Beam Team is different as groups progress through the week. The first half of the week dedicates more time to team building and learning new skills in Fundamentals, with half-days to develop prototypes. All day Thursday and Friday morning are dedicated exclusively to building and completing prototypes, and Friday afternoon is a Flux period and then the Prototype Fair for the last hour of the day.


WARM UP - Game or discussion time with all Beam Teamers. On day one this time and the following fundamental time is spent orienting with icebreakers, intros to the staff and weeks theme.

FUNDAMENTALS - Fundamentals are a time for Beam Teamers to participate in a workshop which will introduce them to an area of making such as electronics and computing or crafts and materials. Fundamentals help to deepen a campers understanding of the design challenge. There are three fundamentals per week. 

PROJECT - Beam Teamers break into their groups to work on the project they are prototyping. This time is spent designing their project, creating materials lists and sketches, and prototyping their ideas. 

FLUX - Flux is camp-wide athletics and active play or collaborative project.

PROTOTYPE FAIR - During the last hour of Friday there is the Prototype Fair for Beam Teamers to share their prototypes with each other and the Summer Day campers and celebrate their accomplishments!


8:00-9:00 DROP OFF
9:00-9:30 WARM UP
10:45-11:00 SNACK! 
11:00-12:15 FUNDAMENTALS
12:15-1:15 LUNCH! 1:15-2.15 BUILD
2:15-3:00 FLUX & SNACK
3:00-4:15 BUILD
4:15-4:30 CLEAN UP & RESET
4:30-5:30 PICK UP

Q: Can I come to the Prototype Fair on Friday afternoon?
Yes! You are welcome to come at 4.15 to see the fair before the space is reset for the following week at 4.30.

Q: Can I my child leave camp on their own?
Beam Teamers can leave on their own after a note from a parent or guardian has been provided saying so. You can email one before camp starts to rebecca@beamcenter.org

Q: Do campers bring home a completed project at the end of the week?
Good question! The purpose of Beam Team is to give middle schoolers the opportunity to collaboratively develop their design thinking and experience the process of prototyping their original ideas over the course of a week. The purpose is NOT for participants to bring home a fully-realized and constructed project. Rather, it is to give them the skills create original projects on their own.



Don't see you question here? Email rebecca@beamcenter.org!