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WHEN: 6:30PM, Tuesday, February 28
WHERE: Beam Center, 60 Sackett Street, Brooklyn

Let us guess. Sometime in the last couple months you’ve had a conversation about building a big FabLab, Municipal MakerSpace, STEM or STEAM Center somewhere in NYC. We certainly have! That conversation was probably about involving learners, whether they are 5, 15, or 25, in rich and real projects in an environment full of tools and expertise.

We, Katie Beck from Brooklyn Navy Yard and Brian Cohen from Beam Center, think it’s about time you, us and anyone who has an interest in this concept in the same room to talk about it!

We all agree it’s important, that it should be inclusive and integrated with learning and future options for employment. After that, things get cloudy. Where should they be? How are schools involved? Which students get to use it? How are teachers involved? How is industry involved? Should the be connected to one another? What’s their purpose?

You are invited to spend a casual evening hashing out these questions and more. We’ll start with some beer, soft drinks and snacks and you should bring some too. If this is a conversation folks would like to have on an ongoing basis, we can make a plan to keep it going.