Midwinter Day Camp 2016

Midwinter Day Camp 2016

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FEBRUARY 15-19, 2016: METAL


Metals have special properties that have made them important in technologies from ancient times to the present: they can be melted and molded into any shape like coins and jewelry, they can vibrate to produce sound like the strings of a guitar, they can hold up weight like the frames of furniture and skyscrapers, and they can conduct electricity like in computers. This week, we will explore different types of metal and their many uses.


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Allen Riley, Head Teacher and Faculty

Allen has taught kids to collaborate and realize ideas through the process of making movies for eight years. At Beam Center, he also helps artists and other professionals communicate their practices to kids. He co-wrote a new song for birthdays and holds an MFA in Electronic Integrated Art from the New York State College of Ceramics.