Beam Teen Instructor Positions
Accepting Applications

Position Description

One day per week, six Beam Teen Instructors collaborate to design STEM-based craft lessons for children in grades 3-6 at Beam Center. Once a week, Beam Teen Instructors partners are based at a CAMBA after-school program site to facilitate STEM lessons for children.

Characteristics of Desirable Candidates

  • Enthusiasm and desire to work with children in a dynamic learning environment

  • Able to manage a classroom of 20 children of diverse backgrounds and needs

  • Confidence communicating, leading and safely supporting children

  • Mature, responsible and able to work effectively independently and on a team

  • Excellent communication and correspondence skills (text, phone, email, intergenerational, professional)

  • Interested in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics

  • Ability to collaborate with diverse groups of people

Job Tasks

  • Collaborate to research, design, and teach STEM-based lessons for children grades 3-6

  • Prepare weekly lesson plans that outline the steps of each 75 minute lesson, supplies needed, etc.

  • Prototype projects to ensure they will be successful in classrooms

  • Manage and maintain supply levels at sites and Beam Center

  • Work with CAMBA staff to create and foster a safe, kind, positive learning environment

  • Ensure all classrooms are left better than found upon completion of lessons

  • Communicate with on-site CAMBA staff regarding expectations, questions, and attendance


Two days per week (one planning, one teaching)
December 2018 - June 2019
Paid position - compensation based on experience

Click here to apply online now Application due Friday, September 14th