Collaborate and Innovate with Beam

We believe that teens can discover the value of meaningful work and their own passionate interests by working alongside masters of design, planning, and production. At Beam, teens learn electronics, coding, carpentry, metalwork, video making, and more, while collaborating with Master Creative Practitioners. Students learn technical and creative hands-on skills, while developing the capacity to work collaboratively with a team on a large-scale project more complex than they could achieve on their own. They are then given the opportunity to put their training to the test and share what they have learned with others.

Participants in our BeamWords Apprenticeship programs have built a one-of-a-kind Personal Planetarium; made a 12-foot welded steel, balancing interactive sculpture; and built their own steel-pan drums. Leadership Fellows at our summer camp  play an integral role in the construction of the Beam Project, and learn goal-setting and management skills in the process. 

The focus of all Beam programs is on skill-building, collaborative challenge, responsibility and mentorship. Our programs help build character and prepare teens for a post-high school world of meaningful work and continual learning. Contact us to learn how your school can become involved. Sign up for our mailing list to get the latest updates on all things Beam. 

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