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Connected Teaching

Connected Teaching helps NYC teachers augment their specific academic curriculum with Beam Center’s project-based learning approach. Teachers learn to work with tools, materials and methods by collaborating with Beam Center Instructors to create personalized projects. Teachers develop experiences for their students that explore scientific ideas, design, and engineering processes. Beam Center Instructors share their expertise in a variety of disciplines:

  • Making: Carpentry, Metalwork, Mechanics, Electronics, Ceramics, Video • Design: Vector drawing, 3D modeling, Digital simulations
  • Digital Fabrication: Laser cutting, 3D printing
  • Physical Computing: Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • Programming: Processing, Scratch, Netlogo
  • Soft circuits: Makey Makey, Lilypad, e-textiles


One-day training sessions in which teachers participate in hands-on workshops that include coding, data visualization, electronics, woodwork, digital fabrication, and wearable technology.

A three-day training session in which teachers collaborate with Beam Center Instructors to design and prototype a curriculum-aligned classroom project. Teachers work towards integrating subject knowledge into an activity, identifying learning outcomes, and coordinating the classroom schedule.

Teachers have elevated their practice, as they are able to bring new projects to life with the technical and design support of Beam’s artists and engineers.
— Kathleen Rucker, BIHS Principal