BeamWorks is Beam Center's way of reaching NYC youth who might not otherwise get the chance to build, create and learn within a collaborative environment. We help students and teachers integrate projects and hands-on creation into the culture of the classroom.

Our three main programs are BeamWorks School Partnerships, the BeamWorks Apprenticeship Program, and the Connected Teaching Program. In each of these programs, we combine design thinking, technical skills, collaboration, and fun to bring inspiration to the classroom and beyond. 


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BeamWorks School Partnerships

At Beam, we are committed to helping NYC public school teachers turn any and all academic subjects into hands-on projects that engage students and make learning more tangible. We collaborate with educators to develop projects and curriculum that are well-matched to their students' interests. Projects are multi-disciplinary and might combine physics, electronics, and digital customization or solar energy, plant ecology, and sensors. We currently work with 16 public schools in New York City and are partnering with 5 of these schools to build School FabLabs in 2017.


BeamWorks Apprenticeship

Our BeamWorks Apprenticeship program brings together students from our partner high schools with professional artists and engineers in an intensive experience that takes place at Beam Center. Students practice in-depth technical skills, study academic subjects like Astronomy and Ecology, work together on a large collaborative project, and learn how to lead workshops for younger students. We also provide career and college guidance to BeamWorks Apprentices; many who are the first in their families to seek a college education.

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Connected Teaching

The BeamWorks Connected Teaching Program offers a series of professional development workshops where public school teachers can explore new methods and tools for project-based teaching and learning. We offer a wide range of programs for educators, from one-day workshops to multi-day experiences where teachers design their own hands-on project to embed within their curriculum.