6/13/18 - This position has been filled! Check back for open jobs in late summer!

Position: Summer In The City Lead Instructor

Job Description: The Lead Instructor is responsible for leading Beam Center’s on-the-ground presence during an intensive summer program at one of 5 school sites throughout NYC. In this program, called Invention By Nature, NYC Department of Education teachers will work with high school sophomores and juniors as they design and prototype physical solutions to real-world challenges. Lead Instructors will support teachers as they lead students through Beam Center Fundamentals (technical skill-building workshops), Domains (guided design/prototyping sessions), and the development of Synthesis Projects for a final project showcase. Along with a Program Assistant, the Lead Instructor is part of a small team at each site that is supported by additional Beam Center staff, including the Program Director and additional Instructors. The Lead Instructor helps to prepare and support teachers as they implement this program through the following tasks:

  • Support the training of teachers prior to the start of the program

  • Provide on-site logistical and technical support to teachers

  • Co-lead sessions with teachers

  • Lead occasional sessions with students

  • Manage their site’s materials and tools

  • Coordinate the efforts of their site’s Program Assistants

  • Communicate regularly with Beam Center staff about the site’s progress and needs

Lead Instructors will receive training in:

  • Beam Center’s approach to learning through collaborative hands-on projects

  • Beam Center’s design & prototyping process

  • Curriculum developed by Beam Center for Invention By Nature

  • Hands-on disciplines including electronics, model-making, mechanics, fabrication

Qualifications: The ideal candidate for this position is experienced in a variety of making activities (electronics, woodworking, craft, sculpture, mechanics, etc.) and has a knack for figuring things out. Applicants should be comfortable working with diverse groups of people (both youth and adults) and leading these groups in various activities (design, building, troubleshooting, etc.). Applicants should be highly organized and adaptable; they need to come prepared and be able to improvise when the situation demands it. They should be clear communicators and understand the value of collaboration. Familiarity with the NYC public school system is a plus.

Employment Status: This is a temporary position. Dates of employment are Wednesday, May 30th - Friday, August 17th. Position is part-time (8-24 hours/week) from May 30th - June 22nd; it is full-time from June 25th - August 17th.

To apply, please email a resume, portfolio and explanation of any relevant activity in education, collaboration or working with young people to