11/13/17: We're hiring!

Beam Center seeks to hire a full-time Instructor.

Beam Center Instructors design hands-on projects for youth that integrate academic content with the process of making real things. At our partner public schools, Instructors collaborate with K-12 teachers to design curriculum-aligned projects that are implemented in the classroom. Out-of-school, Instructors design and implement projects in after-school and day-camp settings. Beam projects are deeply informed by the personal interests of Instructors and their design partners, and incorporate a wide variety of skills, tools, and materials.


  • Generating project ideas, building prototypes, writing materials lists, and writing lesson plans in collaboration with teachers and Beam Center staff.

  • Implementing projects in the classroom. 

  • Managing a complex schedule with multiple sites across the five boroughs and maintaining communication with partnering teachers.

  • Sharing your knowledge, skills, and experience with your collaborators and students, and being willing to learn new skills outside your area of expertise.


Work at Beam Center involves a great deal of teamwork and requires strong communication skills and the ability to empathize. Beam Center Instructors bring a personal creative practice and a set of technical expertise to their position. A master's degree and/or 3+ years of experience working with youth are preferred. We are particularly looking for instructors with experience in one or more of the following:

  • Electronics

  • Digital Fabrication

  • Coding

  • Physical Computing

  • MOST IMPORTANT is that applicants are passionate about sharing knowledge and supporting the growth of others.

To apply, please email a resume, portfolio and explanation of any relevant activity in education, collaboration or working with young people to